Some of the people, places and companies that I love

Yoga Teachers

London, UK

Mimi Kuo-Deemer
A teacher of slow considered and mindful Vinyasa Flow. Strong without being flashy! Mimi is a simply lovely person as well as being a fabulous teacher, and her kind nature and love of yoga shines through in her classes.

Kate Walker
Breath led, subtly strong, vinyasa flow and restorative yoga. Kate is a great teacher who brings a deep sense of peace into her teaching. But as mindful as the flow is, you will be working very hard! Don’t be surprised to sweat buckets!

Celest Pereira
Strong and sweaty flow, full of arm balances and inversions, but totally accessible (you don’t have to be a superhuman yogi to go to her classes!) Celest is a ball of positive vibes and good energy! She has such enthusiasm for teaching that you can’t help but be inspired.

US & international

Kathryn Budig
I practice with Kathryn on Yogaglo all the time and attend her workshops when she is in the UK. A fantastic, fun, kind teacher who teaches really smart classes!

Jason Crandell
Another teacher I practice with on Yogaglo, Jason is really funny and a very effective teacher. No fuss or excess flash, just simple and well executed yoga. 

Kristen Campbell
One of the kindest and most inspiring teachers I have trained with! Kristen is a fantastically warm and funny teacher, and the depth of her knowledge blows me away!

Margi Young
Margi is one cool chick! She balances a wicked sense of humor with a deep peaceful presence. Margi teaches strong alignment based slow vinyasa. Practicing with her is like a breath of fresh air, she is quirky and interesting, and always helps me connect more deeply within.


Good Vibes
Warm flow yoga studio. You will work hard, sweat lots, and laugh loads! There are also pilates, power pilates and spin.

Yoga West
Lovely warm hearted studio based in Acton. Super friendly and great teachers; no matter your level of experience you will feel totally welcome here.

Lots of wonderful teachers, lots of styles of yoga to choose from, and lots of locations - Camden, Soho, Chelsea and Covent Garden.

The Life Centre
The longest running studio in London and hosts some of the most experienced teachers. Studios in Notting Hill and Islington.

For fun and challenging yoga this is the place to flow! Leading UK and visiting teachers running regular classes and workshops.


Aaron Deemer
Aaron is a five elements acupuncturist who is incredibly kind and has a wonderfully healing presence. He has worked magic for me over the years!

Rebecca Jones
Fantastic nutritional consultant who is helping me to eat whole natural foods and balance my energy. She runs consultations on Skype and in person.


Wonderful clothes that no yogi seems to be able to manage without!

Love my Onzie leggings with their fun designs and great materials for hot yoga.

Kira Grace
Their yoga clothes are supporting and graceful. Great colours and design.

Spiritual Gangster
Beautiful and functional tank tops for yoga, which I wear on a, pretty much, daily basis!

Mats & Props

I love my Liforme mat! Super sticky and with incredible alignment markers lasered onto the surface. Just amazing!

Infinity Strap
A strap shaped like a figure 8 with a slight stretch. It sounds strange but trust me, once you try it you will be hooked! It’s incredibly useful for inversion work.

Dharma Wheel
This prop will help open you back and shoulders like you can’t believe! I love my wheel and it has fast become a part of my daily practice to get into the tight parts of my upper back and shoulders.


Karen Yeomans
Incredibly talented, creative and lovely! She took all the photos used on this website. Utterly professional and puts you at ease throughout.

Mimi Kuo-Deemer
Beautiful photographer as well as being one of the leading yoga teachers in the UK! What more could you ask for?