Frequently Asked Questions About the Yoga I Teach

1.Do I have to be fit?

Definitely not. However, because many kinds of yoga are quite physically demanding you are more likely to enjoy it if you go to the right type of class for you.

If you are new to yoga or unsure if you are physically fit enough then perhaps start with a foundation or beginners class until you feel ready to move up a gear.

2. Do I need to be flexible?

Not in the slightest! Bendy or not you are welcome.

3. Is there an age limit?

No age limits. Just choose a class that is appropriate for you and enjoy. 

4. What should I wear?

Comfortable stretchy clothes that you can move in. They should be tight enough that they don’t fall down if you go upside down, but not so tight you feel constricted.

5. Do I need my own mat?

Most studios will provide one for you. If you don’t mind lugging one along though, it can be lovely to have your own mat to practice on. Check with the studio.

6. What are the benefits?

Too many to count! But, in short, it calms the mind, increases strength, balance and flexibility. That’s got to be a good thing, right?

7. Will I lose weight?

This totally depends on your body. Yoga isn't really about that, so weight loss may or may not be a side affect of the practice. 

8. Can I eat before class?

I usually have a small snack about 20 mins before I practice. Something like fruit or a smoothie is perfect. Although, many people say not to eat for 2 hours before a class.

9. When should I arrive?

Arrive at least 15 minutes before your first class, or at least 5 / 10 minutes before your usual class. This will give you time to arrive and settle without that horrible rushed feeling. 

10. Can I be late to class?

That depends on the studio and the teacher. Try not to be too late, and if you are late come in as quietly as possible.

Some studios have a cut off policy if you are late. It's a good idea to check each studio's the individual policy. You will find a list of the studios on my schedule page.

11. Can I leave early?

It is always best to stay for savasana - the final relaxation. But, if you need to leave early try to leave before that part starts so you don’t disrupt your fellow yogis.

12. Will I sweat?

Sweating is totally normal. Bring a towel and just keep moving!

13. Can I attend classes if I am pregnant?

That depends on the studio and the teacher. Contact me before you turn up to make sure the class is safe for you and your baby. If not, I teach pregnancy yoga classes specifically tailored for pregnant women.  

14. Can I go to class with an injury?

It depends on the injury and the teacher. Check with your doctor and make sure to tell your teacher before class.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to answer them.