Public Classes

Triyoga Hot Sequence

triyoga hot is a powerful and nurturing set sequence practice. The sequence facilitates safe, deep stretching and a detoxifying sweat. Following specific alignment and timing principles you will systematically work and rejuvenate your entire body, cultivating balance, strength and flexibility.

The body (rather than the air) is heated by far-infra-red waves, which when coupled with yoga encourages the body to produce a detoxifying sweat at a more tolerable intensity than other 'hot' yoga classes. This class will leave you refreshed with a healthy glow.

The room will be warm, heated to approximately 36 -38C. The class is open to all levels, and while it is a strong practice, beginners will find it a great way to establish their practice. The sequence is designed to be very light on the wrists and shoulders. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Flow yoga (also known as Dynamic or Flow yoga) is a continually flowing sequence of yoga poses, where the breath is synchronised with each body movement - most transitions are linked to either the inhale or the exhale.

The word ‘vinyasa’ means to 'place in a specific way', so in Vinyasa Flow yoga the transitions between poses are as important as the poses themselves, giving it an almost dancelike quality. Some poses are held for as little as a single breath, some up to 10 breaths or longer.

There is no set series of poses, as you would find in Ashtanga or Bikram, which makes every class and every teacher different. I teach a strong flowing style of vinyasa, with creative sequencing to tackle the more challenging poses. Each class is themed towards a ‘peak’ pose with lots of ways to modify along the way. 

Yang & Yin

The class starts with 45 mins of strong and sweaty Dynamic Flow sequence - Yang - to open and strengthen the body.

Then transitions into 15 mins of restorative poses - Yin - to release and relax the body and mind. You will stretch the body safely and sooth stiffness and muscle soreness. Poses are supported with props to encourage the body to release and open without tension, often being held for several minutes.

We end with 15 minutes of Yoga Nidra (yoga sleep), a guided body scan relaxation to ease you into a profoundly restful Savasana. 

Class Details

Private Classes

One to one yoga classes are a wonderful way to get the most out of your yoga practice. A private class can help to support you whether you are a total beginner looking to gain some confidence, or a more experienced yogi who wants to deepen their practice. 

Private classes can also teach you the skills to get the most out public classes where there might not be enough time to address your specific needs. 

Get in touch for more information. Classes can take place at your home or place of work.  


Corporate Yoga


Yoga in the workplace can help to combat stress and anxiety, and relieve physical tension in the body. Uplifting and relaxing yoga can help help build strength, increase flexibility, and bring balance. Classes can be tailored to be as hard and sweaty, or stretchy and relaxing, as students want. 

Get in touch for more information. 


Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful exercise for pregnant women. It keeps the body supple without straining, helps you to develop flexibility and strength, and helps you deal with the many changes taking place both physically and emotionally. Yoga not only increases energy levels but can also create a better sense of well-being. The deep relaxation techniques taught can also help if you are having difficulty sleeping. 

There are no public pregnancy classes scheduled at the moment, but get in touch if you would like to arrange a one to one class. 


Mother & Baby Yoga


Postnatal yoga is a wonderful tool for new mums to rebuild stamina and flexibility in a safe and nurturing class. There will be a strong focus on rebuilding core strength, and opening stiff areas of your body. The yoga is suitable for all levels including complete beginners.

Although the class is still devoted to the mum, there are elements of baby yoga and baby massage so that the little ones can benefit as well. It's a wonderful way for mother and baby to enjoy some precious time together, amongst a community of other local mums at this early stage of motherhood. It incoporates stretching, movement and massage.